Living in Interactive Future Environments

The McKechnie Family LIFE Home

Living in Interactive Future Environments

The McKechnie Family LIFE Home is a cutting-edge research center focused on innovations in home environments. This facility mimics existing home dwellings (i.e., a typical home of today) as well as provides space for the development of next-generation smart homes (i.e., house of tomorrow) that would allow people of all ages and abilities to live fuller, healthier, and autonomous lives. Spaces include a two-bedroom home; an attached garage; multi-purpose research and collaboration rooms; outdoor areas; and capacity for community engagement. Research and development efforts focus on a range of topics related to in-home activities to improve quality of life and independence for people of all ages and abilities.


We envision a world where we are Living in Interactive Future Environments (LIFE) and technology supports our quality of life at home.


The mission of the McKechnie Family LIFE Home is to provide the infrastructure to support interdisciplinary research, industry collaborations, community partnerships, and educational opportunities that will advance the science, engineering, and translation of innovations to support independent living, healthcare needs, social interaction, and everyday activities in the home.

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