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Collaboration is Key

The McKechnie Family LIFE Home is successful due to our collaborations, bringing together researchers, students, community members, clinicians, and industry partners to solve the most pressing societal issues.

Harshal working with a collaborator to set up some of the hardware equipment at the LIFE Home

Researcher Engagement

For more information on fellowship opportunities, please contact the McKechnie Family LIFE Home team at

Graduate Fellowships

The McKechnie Family LIFE Home attracts top MS and Ph.D. students from around the world. Fellowships will provide support for their scholarly activities.

Undergraduate Fellowships

The research activities in the McKechnie Family LIFE Home provide unique opportunities to engage undergraduates in cutting-edge developments and enhance their education.

Visiting Scholars

A global perspective is crucial for researching and designing to accommodate all populations. Visiting scholars provides exposure to new research ideas and broadens the reach and impact of our activities.

Pilot Grants

Pilot research programming provides seed funding for new ideas and can accelerate research and development to support the mission of the McKechnie Family LIFE Home.

For more information on Visiting Scholar Opportunities, please contact the McKechnie Family LIFE Home team at

Student Opportunities

Graduate Student Research Opportunities

Graduate students will have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research activities and support the technical infrastructure of the facility.

Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students will be actively involved in research operations and the logistical aspects of running a research facility.

For more information on Student Research Opportunities, please contact the McKechnie Family LIFE Home team at

Engagement Opportunities

Community Engagement

Our space is designed to host community events that will engage the general public, policymakers, and community leaders in our research and development activities.  We want to host visitors who can provide us with guidance about community needs as well as support the dissemination of our activities and innovations.

Industry Engagement

The McKechnie Family LIFE Home presents a unique environment for industry partners to work with university faculty and students to advance their product designs. Our advanced facilities support the conduct of research; observation of user interactions; and recording of usability assessments. We have strong community connections to provide access to research participants across age and disability spectrums and to experts in human factors and clinical research. The collaborative spaces in the LIFE Home serve as co-working spaces and provide opportunities for conferences, meetings, hackathons, and design competitions.