schematic sketch of LIFE Home

Thank You to All who have Worked to Make the LIFE Home a Reality

The McKechnie Family LIFE Home would not have been possible without the contributions of those listed below. The entire McKechnie Family LIFE Home team would like to sincerely thank those listed for their contributions to the completion of this project.

  • Planning
  • Bill Goodman
  • Jeff Woods
  • Kesh Kesavadas
  • Brian Jones
  • Jon Sanford
  • Design and Construction
  • Tilton Kelly Bell LLC Architecture (Kim Sarchet)
  • JohnCo Construction
  • Bodine Electrical
  • Clarence Odom
  • Administrative
  • Mike Bohlmann
  • Elizabeth Clawson
  • Matt Drain
  • Bryan Jones
  • Mark Joseph
  • Suzanne Rinehart
  • Interior Design
  • Deana McDonagh
  • Stocks Furniture (Terry Martin)
  • Web Design
  • Brett Luce
  • Dick Detzner
  • Tom Eggemeier 
  • Barry Beith