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Aging Concerns, Challenges, and Everyday Solution Strategies (ACCESS 2)

The purpose of this study is to explore the challenges adults with long-term disability have with everyday activities as they age. We are focusing on three subgroups of older adults with long-term disabilities, including 1) late-deafened, 2) vision impairment (macular degeneration or glaucoma), and 3) multiple sclerosis. The study is comprised of two parts: 1) questionnaires and 2) interview. Questionnaires will assess key background information on participants, (e.g., demographics, health, sensory and physical abilities, group-specific information). The interview will prompt participants to share insights about their everyday challenges with daily living activities as well as their strategies for managing those challenges.  This project will provide the groundwork to guide new research and design of new smart technologies to support people aging-in-place with long-term disabilities.